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Guitar Ensemble class


This class provides a learning and playing environment where students gain proficiency in playing guitar in a group.  Featuring the proven and comprehensive program of, students learn to perform engaging, interesting, beautiful, educationally sound and FUN music from a very basic level all the way up to advanced music.  Being surrounded by other students/musicians encourages students to listen and enjoy the benefits of making music together.


Music studied will include Popular, World, Modern, and Classical.  The repertoire is beautiful and enjoyable to play and listen to.  Much of the focus will include a disciplined study of the guitar with an emphasis on efficient technique and musicality. 


Guitar students rarely get the ensemble experience that band and orchestra musicians do in school.  Guitar Ensemble is a great way to learn to play guitar, read music and play musically while rehearsing and eventually performing as a group.  Private lessons greatly supplement Guitar Ensemble, but are not required.

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